Infrared thermography:
The Objective:

Enormous losses in the industrial sector are caused by malfunctions which could be prevented. Although damages and degradation of isolation materials and other materials are not visible, in most cases they can be solved through preventive measures.  The temperature of an object is often a sufficient indicator of the performance of the installation. ATIC can offer you inspection technology to make temperature differences visible.


The Solution:
Infrared Thermograph is a fast NDT inspection method which does not influence the process and maps the temperature differences of any object in a range from -50ºC to 1500ºC. Instead of detecting the temperature point by point, our camera is able to detect the temperature across a complete surface. This gives an excellent image of local temperature differences.

Application Areas:
ATIC examines whole installations with this Inspection technique, both in overview as well as in detail. Constipations, isolation becoming damp, cold bridges and overheating are mapped flawlessly without having an effect on the process. Using our mobile equipment we are always able to find a sufficient position, on the ground or on steps, in order to make recordings. The technology is used on many applications;  housing, offices, paintings, electrical installations of low and high voltage, mechanical installations (brakes, pumps etc) and of course also in the process industry to find leakages, blockages, degraded integrity, insulation and much more.


Our Services for Infrared Thermograph:
nfrared Thermograph is an excellent help in monitoring or optimizing processes. ATIC brings the equipment needed during the inspection. All images will be saved digitally and after the analysis you will receive a comprehensive full color report. Our Non-Destructive Testing Services also offer the necessary guarantees when quality, cost savings, business security and safety is needed, for both existing and new installations.

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