Heat Treatment Services:
This division is focused on providing services like Stress relieving, Pre heating, normalizing, annealing and other type of post heat treatment services.When welding materials in workshops or in work fields, preheating and/or post weld heat treatment may be a requirement. These types of thermal treatments are generally required in order to ensure suitable weld integrity and will typically prevent or remove undesirable characteristics in the completed weld and the near base metal.
ATIC offers onsite pre & post weld heat treatment services.
These include meeting the demands of heat treatment of welded structures. The services of experienced industry professionals ensure that the service delivered by us is flawlessly handled and executed.


Stress Relieving Heat Treatment:
Stress Relieving Heat Treatment of metal parts / components to avoid failure during service.
These machining induces stress in parts. The bigger and more complex the part, the more the stresses we get. 
These stresses can cause distortions in the part long term. If the parts are clamped in service, then cracking could occur. 
Also hole locations can change causing them to go out of tolerance.
For these reasons, stress relieving is often necessary.


Post Weld Heat Treatment:
(PWHT) is carried out to remove stress developed after welding.
Our Heat Treatment Services include:

  • Pre Heating
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
  • Stress Relieving (SR)
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