Tubular Inspection:
  • Effective maintenance of drill pipe and associated hardware ensures the continued and safe operation of drilling/Workover rigs. An appropriate tubular inspection program helps identify integrity issues before they reach criticality, preventing costly repairs and / or damage to personnel and the environment.
  • ATIC offers a comprehensive tubular inspection service, covering all new and used items, including; Drill pipe, tubing, casing, sucker rods, coiled tubing, drill collars,
    bottom hole assembly, cross over subs, reamers etc…

A typical inspection program would involve one or more of the following:
·         Visual inspection of body & threads.
·         UT wall thickness measurements & dimensional inspection.
·         MPI to identify cracks & other defects.
·         Hardness testing.
·         Internal inspection of upsets – MPI.
·         Tool joint inspections – VT & dimensional.
·         Drifting assessment.

  • All inspections are carried out in accordance with client requirements
    and per the specified standard (API, DS1 etc).

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